Managing Classes Effectively With Class Registration

Educational and training institutes offering online and on-site courses are always on the lookout for technology based solutions that are competent and cost-effective, both at the same time. Class registration and payment software is one such solution that fits the bill perfectly. It is Cloud based; so, anyone can download it easily and there is absolutely no need to make any Restful API to integrate any Banks Payment Gateway investment on expensive hardware or software to avail its full facilities. Furthermore, its user-friendly attribute, and class and payment solution is the perfect application for enterprises looking to optimize their ROI.

The best part about online class registration and payment software is that it comes in every form; as in, organizations can use it for running classes and training programs of any size and complexity. It is that versatile. It creates class and training registration forms fast and publishes them online accessible by registrants 24/7. The pre-built templates are customizable that one can use them to create multiple forms for recurring classes and incorporate various features and add-ons to enhance their multiple functionalities.

Payment processing being an integral part of class registration is effectively being handled by the software. It allows the authorities to accept course fees via a number of credit cards and other such standard payment gateways. The online payment options provided with the solution are all PCI-compliant. So, the registrants have the least to worry when availing of this facility.

Following are the key features of the class registration and payment software that reduces the administrative workload of class management and makes the procedures error free to a large extent:

Automated email messaging-Helps to send emails to the pre-set list of registrants to update them on upcoming class or training schedules.

Promotional features-There are many in this category. There is a social media connector via which one can connect with social media platforms to promote courses online. Besides, the class registration and payment solution also provides special discounts and promotional codes to generate demand for these courses.

Online calendars and catalogs-These are yet another type of promotional tools. By using the software, organizers can create multiple calendars and catalogs for various classes to facilitate easy viewing of curriculum details.

Waitlist management-Send instant email notifications to students or trainees on the wait list once seats become available due to last minute cancellations. This feature helps to maximize attendance at a class or training program.

Name badge printing service-Create name badges and send soft copies to the registrants via email, so that they can get them printed at their own convenience. Bar coded name badges further help organizers to retrieve important attendee information for records.

Certification-Contains built-in templates for certificates which can be used to accredit successful students or trainees attending a training session.

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